quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

I Love Being Here With You

Diana Krall

I love the East, I love the West 
North and South, they're both the best 
But I only want go there as a guest 
Cause I love being here with you 

I love the sea, I love the shore 
I love the rocks and what is more 
You and they never be a bore 
Cause I love being here with you 

Singing in the shower 
Laughing by the hour 
Life is such a breezy game 
I love all kinds of weather 
As long as we're together 
Oh I love to hear you say my name 

I love good wine, fine cuisine 
Candle light I love the scene 
Cause baby if you know just what I mean 
I love being here with you 

I love Ella singing, Basie's band is swinging 
Cause that's something else you know 
They know how to play it, they know how to say it 
They just wind it up and let it go 

I love a thrill a paris show
I love the kiss you on your nose
just let me say before i close 
I love being her with you 

Cary Grant through 
Two time beggars but his charm just takes me away 
But don't get me wrong how do you say 
I love being here with you 

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